let the experience you seek be the reason you go let the experience you seek be the reason you go
"I don't know any other country where it's possible to see so much in a single day: from the grandiose Douro River to the beauty of the Alentejo plains, passing through the plateaus and mountain-ranges of the Beira Interior. Looking at the Iberian map, it may seem strange that Portugal continues to be an independent country - but this is not by chance(...) Inside every Portuguese person is a profoundly autonomous and independent spirit. The influence from abroad is evident here in the food, the arts, the names. Portugal is a country that is connected, and that wants to remain connected, to other continents. Therefore meals matter: not a quickly-eaten, badly-digested sandwich, but soup, a hot meal, etc. all eaten at a table with other people. Here too, the family relationship is bolstered (...) The good things about Portugal won't cost you. On the contrary: there is nothing better than to leave the beach at the end of the afternoon and eating a grilled fish with a simple glass of wine."

Ellis, Alex (Former British Ambassador in Portugal) (2013) Expresso Newspaper

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