let the experience you seek be the reason you go let the experience you seek be the reason you go

The rustle of the city

Arrival - Private Transfer from Porto Airport to the Hotel

Upon arrival in Porto, you will be greeted by our Driver. Relax and let our professional driver take you to your hotel and then to your destination in the city, in a safe and comfortable vehicle.

Porto is a charming town, situated on the slopes of the Douro River and very near to its mouth. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its beautiful monuments and historic buildings such as the imposing Cathedral or the Tower of Clerics. Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and has also superb views over the river. The city provides a harmonious synthesis of ancient and contemporary attractions. Perched on hill tops and clinging to cliffs, the Douro River has been guarded by its attractive buildings, bridges and lamps for centuries. Fiercely proud of their heritage, the citizens of this merchant town have invested their blood and sweat on their commerce and wine. Nightclubs and restaurants mingle with cathedrals, churches and museums in narrow alleys and broad avenues. There are many cafes around the city, where you can relax after climbing the many hills of Porto. Porto is very compact, which makes it great to explore by foot, if you don't mind making an effort going uphill.

Vila Nova de Gaia (or just “Gaia”) is a city located on the south bank of Douro River, facing Porto. It´s in this city, home of the famous Port Wine Cellars, that you can enjoy superb views from Porto but also from the narrow streets of Vila Nova de Gaia where you can even enjoy the view by a cable car. The two cities are separated by the Douro River but closely linked by history and by the famous “Ponte Dom Luis I” (Dom Luis bridge), designed by Téophile Seyrig (1843 – 1823), disciple of Gustave Eiffel.

There are so many good options to have an exceptional meal in Porto that any choice will be difficult! But we are here to give our best suggestions, the ones that will never let you down. If you are looking for a meal at the heart of Porto, we suggest a restaurant distinguished not only by the richness of the menu, whose signature rests in modern cuisine, although with strong influences of traditional Portuguese gastronomy, but also for the environment and decor.

Enjoy the night out in Porto, with a very trendy atmosphere and great bars. The street of Galeria de Paris is full of great options, including Casa do Livro, and nearby you can find Plano B, and stores like Mezzanine or Take Me.

Last, but not least, the stay at the luxury Hotel & Spa that TravelTailors chose for you, which is on its own an incredible experience. Privileged location on the top of the hill, in Vila Nova de Gaia, this exclusive hotel holds a prime spot amidst Porto’s historic wine cellars, and houses one of the world’s most extensive port collections. For this reason, wine is the motto that inspires the design and experiences of this hotel.

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

The glamour of wine

Driver available, if required.

After your breakfast you can´t miss a visit to a historic and worldwide known wine producer, who’s Wine Cellar is just a few steps from your hotel, and it´s one of the oldest houses of Port Wine, exclusively dedicated to the production of this fortified wine. We planned an exclusive and private guided visit and wine tasting that will sharpen your senses and make you proud of the knowledge that you will bring back home!

After your tasting, walk down the hill, admire the different wine cellars along the way “Caves de Gaia“(Gaia Wine Cellars), and stroll along the river. You will have the complete idea of the importance of the wine to these ancient cities of merchants and wine traders.

After the fun and excitement of this morning and of the previous day, return to the hotel and have your very deserved first day at the SPA!

The SPA experiences

Let´s go back to the wine…more precisely to the Vinothérapie Spa (a special spa bath that adds red wine leaf extract and post-winemaking grape crud)! The origins bring us to Bordeaux, where Mathilde Thomas, a French girl toured guests in her parent’s winery and found out, from one of them, a scientist, that grape seed oil was very effective in the prevention of wrinkles. Mathilde found “Caudalie”, a skincare and spa treatment brand that uses wine grape extracts. At the spa of your hotel you will try the product of this discovery!

TravelTailors Suggests:

Caudalie Massage for Two: An exclusive and romantic treatment for couples, with Vine blossom candles, soothing music, and natural scents of aromatic oils.

Massage with Fresh Grapes: A relaxing and rehydrating massage for parched skin using fresh grapes which naturally and gently exfoliate the skin leaving it nourished and renewed. Ideal to relieve and soothe dry, dehydrated skin anywhere on the body.

Vino Facial Treatment: A stimulating and sculpting facial, designed to restore inner radiance and vitality to fatigued skin and protect it from pollutants, it revives luminosity and improves skin tone, also improves the appearance of dark spots, slowing the appearance of new ones.

Merlot Friction Scrub: An energizing and toning scrub with a gentle exfoliation action for skin in need of softening and firming, promoting a more youthful physique.

You can indulge in a signature Barrel Bath Experience! Yes…inside of a traditional wine barrel, perfectly adapted for the treatment!

At sunset, just pick a bottle, or a cocktail, and enjoy the stunning views from your private balcony or from the swimming pool of the hotel!

If you wish, you can try the Michelin awarded restaurant of the hotel, or have a private dining room that recreates the atmosphere of a wine cellar and finish your day in one of the balconies facing the night lights of Porto!

 Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

Douro “O Reino Maravilhoso”

After breakfast and check-out, you will have a professional and private driver (also guide if needed), that will bring you to your next destination: Lamego.

In the heart of Douro Valley, the region where Douro and Port wine is produced, emerges a unique landscape formed by thousands and thousands of standing vineyards planted along the terraces that meander the river.

Douro is more than wine! It´s a region of strong, kind, and friendly people, rich culture and amazing gastronomy. The best way to feel it is to get your way around it! We suggest you don´t miss the medieval town center of Lamego where you can visit the Castle of Lamego, able to evoque the wars between Moors and Christians; the Lamego Cathedral, with a Gothic facade that goes back to 1129; or the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, dated from the 1750, which is a religious monument but also a great example of architecture. Along the town center there are local shops, restaurants, bakeries…which are still very traditional, and you can see the locals (everybody knows each other!) just buying bread or sitting outside at the “esplanadas” (terraces), having coffee.

Lunch will be served in a traditional “Quinta” (estate), just right next to the vineyards, where you will hear stories of the grandeur of the region and understand the proud and passion that all the local feels for the wine production!

Douro will surprise you with is magnificent landscape! On a sunny day, at the right time, from São Leonardo of Galafura, a small village between Régua and Pinhão, you wil have a fantastic view of Douro, when the sun reflects on the river and highlights all the colors in the terraces! The Portuguese writer, Miguel Torga, named the region “Reino Maravilhoso” (Wonderful Reign).

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

For the body and mind

In the morning, after an invigorating breakfast, enjoy the breathtaking landscape!

In the Spring, the “Alto Douro Vinhateiro” (Douro wine region that was classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO) is a luxe green and in the Autumn it has layers of yellow, deep red, brown, orange…a festival of warm colors! There are many ways of discovering this beautiful place. Being active is an important factor to keep the balance we are looking for in this SPA experience. You can walk or ride a bicycle (even an electric one, if you want a more contemporary experience!) among the vineyards and the local villages, guided by a local guide, or discovering them by yourself! If you are a fan of water sports, activities such as water ski or wakesurf, these are also activities that we can prepare for you, just let us know what you prefer!

Another breathtaking experience is the view from the sky!! By helicopter not only will you have the perception of the rugged and curvy Douro, but you will be able to see lost “quintas” and hidden places only within reach of the most privileged!

The SPA experiences

The afternoon is dedicated to the Spa!  After an active morning there is nothing better than to indulge yourself in a relaxing massage!

Between the valleys, where the river Douro meanders, there is an estate installed in a 19th century manor, which is now a luxurious space in a bucolic setting, beautifully decorated with natural materials that reflect the identity of the Douro Valley, in a sophisticated environment. The former owner of the property, from an aristocratic family of Douro, has created a private forest for his wife, with different specimens of trees, which stand out from the vineyard landscape! Walking in the forest will transport you to a fairytale!

Here you will find the tranquility, luxury and privacy of a spa with steam rooms and saunas, where you can simply relax on the water beds or at the magnificent indoor heated swimming pool with water jets of different intensities.

TravelTailors Suggests:

Schist stone (typical stone from the region) and almond body soother: Release muscle fatigue with this soothing treatment during which warmed schist stones are placed on various chakras. It continues with a deep tissue massage, using sunflower oil blended with an almond essence known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The treatment concludes with a wrap and a cooling face compress.

A couples Journey: including a foot cleansing ritual, a Signature Massage, a Facial treatment and a Spa Refreshment.

De- Stress: including a Steam Bath, a Signature Massage, an Indian Head Massage and a Hand and Foot Treatment.


Sailing or Yacht cruise along the Douro River.

Cruising along the river and enjoying the natural beauty of Douro is a unique experience. After your relaxing afternoon, you will be able to admire the scenery at sunset, on your private boat, and enjoy a romantic dinner, served with the delicious cuisine of the region, and the powerful wines of Douro!

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

Historic Villages

After the last two days discovering Douro, your private driver will pick you up at the hotel, after your breakfast and check-out, and take you further south to another distinctive Portuguese region: Alentejo. Along the way you will be impressed as such a small country has such a great diversity of landscape and culture.

Belmonte will be your first stop. Located on the slopes of Serra da Estrela and crowned by the granite mass of the old castle, Belmonte was the birthplace of the navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral, who discovered Brazil in the 1500. The word Belmonte means beautiful mountain. The community of Belmonte holds an important role in Jewish history, associated with Jewish resistance to the religious intolerance in the Iberian Peninsula. In 2005, the Jewish Museum of Belmonte opened in town, the first of its kind in Portugal, which shows the traditions and day-to-day life of this community. The history of Belmonte is also crossed by the catholic religion and the medieval era. Stroll by the Belmonte Castle, the Tower of Centum Cellas, the Jewish Museum of Belmonte, the Museum of Discoveries, and visit the Olive Oil Museum, where you can taste the essential ingredient of the Portuguese cuisine.

Have lunch at one of the local restaurants where you will taste the dishes of the “Beirã” cuisine (Belmonte is located at the province of “Beiras”). We hope you´re a fan of cheese, because in Belmonte you can try the delicious “Queijo da Serra” from “Serra da Estrela”. A tip: have it with our Portuguese marmalade, or a banana!

After lunch, at the highest point of the beautiful Serra de São Mamede (a Natural Park), lies the charming village of Marvão in an environment of peace, surrounded by walls of the 13th and the 17th century.

Marvão it´s a tiny and charming village where you can visit the narrow streets, buildings with Gothic and Manueline architectural styles, and testimonies of other medieval times, marked in the typical local granite. The Castle is an unforgettable monument of the village, but Marvão has more to offer, like the 15th century Cathedral, the ancient Church of Santa Maria (St. Mary´s Church), now an interesting municipal museum, housing archaeological and ethnological collections from the region. From the top of Marvão you have breathtaking views across the surrounding area, highlighting the Pousada de Santa Maria (St. Mary´s Inn).

This small road-trip ends up in your luxury Hotel &SPA, where you will continue to appreciate and discover more about the history and stories of this region.

At your hotel, we invite you to participate in a cooking workshop where you will learn how to cook a traditional dish, that will be a major success among your friends back home!!

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

Golden plains

This morning we have two different challenges, that you can choose from according to your preferences!

Have you ever ridden a balloon? Alentejo has the perfect weather conditions for a peaceful and safe balloon ride. With the guidance of an experienced pilot, it’s time to admire the golden fields, the pastures, the horses, the granite castles, and the white washed houses of Alentejo! Simultaneously (almost in a paradoxical way!), this is an exciting and peaceful experience!

If you prefer something more “on the ground”, we would like to present you to the Lusitano Thoroughbred! In Alter do Chão, this horse is a strong element of its identity! The Lusitano Thouroughbred is renowned for its' noble characteristics and willingness to please; highly intelligent, with a majestic appearance.

Here you will visit the Coudelaria Alter Real, founded by king D. João V in 1748, with the purpose of breeding Lusitano horses for the Royal Paddock. This was one of the most important Lusitano breeding institutions in the country and it kept the kings expressed wishes of preserving the Lusitano purebred. Nowadays the Coudelaria holds several activities in its 300 hectares of beautiful landscape.

The Coudelaria also offers different educational activities, focused on the development and dissemination of environmental preservation and Lusitano heritage. It´s also possible to view the mares leaving for pasture (which in Portuguese we call “Éguada”) which will leave you with a strong and memorable image of the horses running free in the field!

For lunch, you can pick a local restaurant (you will continue to be surprised with the quality of the food and the kindness of the people) or have a pic-nic at your hotel!

The SPA experiences

In the afternoon, just relax! By this time, you already understood the simple elegance and sophistication of your hotel, and how deep the commitment with the nature and the “Alentejano” spirit is!

The SPA treatments of the hotel have the signature of Darphin, a French physiotherapist that created his own dermo-cosmetics products, to provide a pleasurable and uplifting experience. All treatments include a 'welcome ritual' for relaxation and better use of the therapies.

TravelTailors suggests:

Massages & Treatments: Face Treatment; Anti-stress Massage; Relaxing Massage; Perfect Exfoliation;

Serenity Spaces: Outdoor pool; Indoor pool; Turkish bath; Jacuzzi.

We are nearly sure that you are totally relaxed and that you don´t want to leave the hotel, which by now feels like the perfect place to stay! Great! You can enjoy dinner at the cozy and elegant restaurant of the hotel, which provides a journey to the Alentejo delicacies.

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

The picturesque Countryside

This morning, you will leave your hotel heading down to the Algarve! Your driver will ensure that you will have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Before arriving in Algarve there are a few interesting things to do and see!

Just a few minutes’ drive from your hotel is Estremoz, the “White City”, name given by the white marble that is quarried close by, exploited since the Roman times, and used for all kind of construction in Estremoz. Everywhere you look you will see marble! On the facades of the buildings, on the doorsteps or window frames…This historic medieval town was protected by two walls, dated from the 14th century and 17th century. On the top of the hill, the fields of Alentejo extend towards the horizon!

We imagine that, along your journey, you have been hearing a lot about wines and food! After your Port and Douro wines experience we believe we should provide you the interesting experience of tasting Alentejo wines and understanding how rich and diverse our enology, in Portugal, can be!

If in the Douro the estates are called “Quintas”, in the Alentejo they are named “Herdades”. It´s at one of this beautiful and traditional “Herdades” that you will have the opportunity to be enchanted with a private tasting (it can even be a blind tasting!) of their amazing wine, followed by a gastronomic lunch, full of “Alentejanos” dishes, from the appetizers to the dessert!

The journey of the day continues towards Évora.

Évora is one of the most emblematic Portuguese cities. Its beautiful historic center has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “must see” are the Cathedral, built between 1186 and 1204, the Church of São Francisco and its famous Chapel of Bones, the beautiful Lóios' Church (15th century), and the Palace of D. Manuel. The nearly 20 churches and monasteries of the city showcase the importance of religion and its historical significance. A very local and central attraction is the famous Praça do Giraldo, with Arabian-style arches and a fountain dating from 1571, a meeting place for all generations, with animation and special performances. One of the main treasures in this city is The Roman Temple of Évora, also called Temple of Diana. It’s a temple of Corinthian style, built in the early I century AD. It is what remains of the forum of the city of Évora and was dedicated to the imperial cult, contrary to what comes to us by popular tradition, which identified it as being dedicated to Diana, Roman goddess of hunting.

After the stroll in Évora, enjoy the comfortable drive until Vilamoura, where your luxury Hotel & SPA is located. If you feel like it, go for a short walk at the “Marina” of Vilamoura, a glamourous “strip” with some shops, bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

Paradise in the southcoast

You will wake up with the most gorgeous views from the vivid green of the golf field and (mostly certain) a blue sky! If you like golf, this is the perfect place to practice the swing. We can set up the tee-time for you!

If you prefer to explore the natural beauty of Algarve, with its sandy beaches, the warm sea, and the diverse fauna and flora, we believe that you can´t miss the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. The private boat tour, and a professional guide, will bring you to the Desert Island and to the labyrinth of canals and sandy beaches that extend 60km along the Algarve coast. Along the Ria Formosa estuary there are genuine paradises and small islands with extensive stretches of sand and relatively deserted. The boat can bring you to Cacela Velha, a white town with a notable historical heritage whose fortress has spectacular views of the surroundings landscape. The biodiversity of the Natural Park offers one of the most important wetlands for aquatic birds in Portugal, counting more than 200 bird species, making the birdwatching an exciting activity to admire the natural habitat and the beauty of these birds. And during spring and summer just jump in the sea! Feel the water and the salt on in your skin and enjoy this nearly deserted paradise!!

The morning ends in a relaxed environment, created by this natural beauty, in a very special restaurant whose menu includes (obviously!) delicious fresh fish form the sea!

After this overwhelming natural experience, which challenges all your senses, you will return to the comfort of your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at your SPA.

Spa experience

The motto for this spa experience is the secular Mediterranean therapies, which evokes healing traditions from the richest wellness cultures in the world. The spa treatments search for dynamic results with elegant beauty and intrinsic well-being. Each treatment is a signature experience of this SPA.

TravelTailors suggests:

Al-Gharb Ritual: this detoxification ritual and rejuvenation begins with a body scrub followed by a sweet and aromatic orange wrapping. To finish, the lavender oil massage will calm the senses and relieve some underlying tension.

Signature Massage: aromatic natural oils, combined with localized motions, stimulates circulation and promotes deep relaxation while enhancing the flow of energy, or prana, along the meridian lines.

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

The unmissable west coast

Today, after an early breakfast, we prepared a small road trip for you, that will take you along the beautiful Portuguese coast, crossing dramatic sceneries, picturesque villages, beautiful natural parks, sandy beaches, historical sites, and friendly people! Your private driver will guide you through this journey in a luxury car! Relax and enjoy the view.

After check-out, you will head up to the West coast of the Algarve and the Southeastern end of the European continent: Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente.

Sagres is an important town in the Portuguese Atlantic Navigation history. Remoting to times prior to the roman conquest, it was in the 15th century that Sagres gained great importance. With the Portugueses Discoveries, Sagres became something more than just a simple fishing port, it became a geographic and historic mark of the Portuguese Discoveries. With a laid-back ambience, the town is surrounded by beautiful beaches with stunning wild beauty.

Nearby, further along the coast is the Cabo São Vicente, the southernmost piece of land in mainland Europe. The dramatic view from the cliffs, mix the strong sound of the waves and the calm of the vast horizon of sea and sky!

Enter at the Natural Park of “Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina”, which stretches along the coast, further north. After discovering the countryside of Alentejo, you will now be presented with its magnificent coast.

Not surprising (once again!) is the superb gastronomy of the region! There is nothing presumptuous about this cuisine! The ingredients are simple and fresh, which result in tasty and very characteristic dishes. There are amazing restaurants along your way, with cozy atmosphere, where (believe us!) you will have a prolonged meal!

Although it will be tempting to leave the car and walk along the coast, we will make sure that you won´t miss very special places such as Arrifana, Aljezur or Lagoa de Santo André.

Right on time for dinner, you will arrive at your luxury Hotel & SPA. Located in the heart of “Serra de Sintra” (a natural park). Sintra is a small, sophisticated, and charming town, with beautiful palaces, surrounded by tall tree, scenario that brings us to the imaginary of a fairytale!

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

The fairytale village

Private driver for the day.

This morning, after your breakfast, take time to walk around Sintra. Classified by UNESCO as a Cultural Landscape and World Heritage Site, it is one of those magical places where nature and man have joined together. The architecture of the buildings is perfectly integrated in the mountain. The Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountain) starts right in the center of the village and ends by the ocean, on the western most point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. Your personal driver will take you to the town center, where you can find shops, restaurants, traditional coffee-shops…and historical monuments very worth seeing such as the beautiful Pena Palace, the Royal National Palace, the Moorish Castle, Quinta da Regaleira, the Palace of Monserrate and its incredible gardens.

Just 30 minutes away, is another charming village: Cascais. Traditionally a small fishing port, it exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere without losing its natural charm. The bay is the main attraction here. It is worth walking along the bay and notice the contrast between the vivid colors of small fishing boats and the sobriety of sailboats and yachts moored in the marina yacht club. The best thing to do in Cascais is to “get lost” in the streets. The village has a typical “Arquitectura de Veraneio” (something like Architecture of the summer). Houses and chalets, such as Casa Palmela, Casa Faial or Chalet do Largo da Misericórdia are symbols of the era initiated by King D.Luís, back in 1870, when he decided to install at the palácio da Cidadela, his summer house! Just right at the end of the promenade, it´s Casa das Histórias, the museum dedicated to Paula Rego, our internationally known Portuguese “painter of stories”.

Choose a cafe to have lunch with a view!! After your lunch your driver will take back to the hotel for your deserved SPA Treatment.

SPA experience

This astonishing Spa, already rewarded as the best luxury SPA in Portugal, has unique facilities and personalized signature treatments. Within the natural beauty of the Natural Park of Sintra -Cascais, the Zen philosophy and the luxury products of Natura Bissé will ensure relaxing and well-being experiences.  The wellness experience is completed by contemplative gardens, gazebos, jacuzzi and a private pool.

TravelTailors suggests:

Lomi-Juma Massage: fusion of massage techniques inspired by ancient Pacific practices and traditional Mediterranean massage, particularly recommended to unlock joints and release muscle tension: the primary causes of blocked energy.

The SPA has a large portfolio with treatments, from which you can choose the ones that will suit better!

For this last evening we have prepared you a very special experience!! You will climb the narrow streets of Sintra in a traditional carriage, pulled by two beautiful horses, that will take you to a magnificent 19th century palace. The gardens represent ancient secret orders, with hidden tunnels, and a mystic ambience, with references to the Knight Templar and dark alchemy! Best of all… you will have your last and private dinner of this journey at the Palace! Be prepared to feel like royalty!

Accommodation at the suggested luxury Hotel & SPA

After a relaxing breakfast and check out your private driver will take you to the airport.

Cultural Romantic Nature Escorted

Recommended periods for this trip:
Janeiro to Dezembro

Price (per person in double room):

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 10 nights in double room with breakfast in selected accommodation
 Private driver and car
 5 SPA activities chosen from the presented list
 Visit to the Port Wine Cellars and wine tasting
 Boat sail in Douro River
 Booklet with detailed itinerary
 24 hour support
 Travel Insurance

 Services not mentioned as included
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 Optional visits not included in your itinerary
 Personal expenses

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