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General conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The programs prepared by TravelTailors Portugal – Turismo Activo, Lda. (“TravelTailors”) are guided by these general conditions, part thereof and which are, in the absence of a stand-alone document, the travel contract. This information is binding to the Agency, except in any of these conditions:

• If the changes to the following conditions have been clearly communicated in writing to the client before the contract is concluded and are mentioned in the program;

• If amended after the contract, the prior agreement of parties, is required, save as provided in the “compliance impossibility” clause.

These terms and conditions comply with the provisions of Decreto-lei 61/2011 of 6th May, and changes that were introduced by Decreto-lei 199/2012 of 24th August.

The General Conditions, whose object is an organized travel program and the particular conditions contained in the travel documentation provided to the client at the moment of reservation, are the travel contract that binds both parties.

2. Organization

2.1. The commercialization and organization of the travel programs included on this site are the responsibility of TravelTailors Portugal – Turismo Activo, Lda. (“TravelTailors”) with main office on Rua Belo Marques, nº 5, loja 4, 1750-408 Lisboa, VAT 509 327 648, with legal social capital of 25,000 Euros, registered in the Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa under the same number, and the registration no. 2852. In some properly identified travel programs, the organization is also the responsibility of different national tour operators. In the travel documentation delivered to the customer, pertinent information concerning the tour operator and local representatives shall always be available.

3. Responsibility

3.1. The responsibility of TravelTailors while organizing agency of its programs and emerging of assumed obligations is guaranteed by a civil responsibility insurance with RNA/Victoria Seguros insurance company in the amount of 75,000 Euros and the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund provided under the legislation in force (according to paragraph 15).

4. Reservation

4.1. In the reservation act, the client must deposit 25% of the total price, liquidating the remaining 75% 30 days prior to the departure date, and 100% of flight tickets. If the reservations takes place 30 days or less prior to the departure date, the total price shall be paid immediately, this being conditional on obtaining the confirmation by the suppliers for all services. TravelTailors reserves the right to cancel any reservation for which the payment has not been made in accordance with these conditions. In some specific programs, promotions or festive seasons, these conditions may have different impositions made by service providers – in these cases, the information will be provided at the time of the reservation.
4.2. When not included in the air tickets, baggage and departure airport fees must be paid locally by the passengers at airports as they are required. In the sale of travel package, the client will be informed in advance of fees or taxes not included, but that are due (TravelTailors must indicate approximate values to date). This information will be provided with the travel contract (although with the possibility to be changed by local authorities at any moment).
4.3. In programs in which the international flight is included, the price presented is based on the rate agreed between the operator and the airline and includes all aviation taxes. If there is no availability for this rate at the time of the client’s reservation, the available rates and their supplements will be indicated. The rate values change frequently and are therefore indicative and subject to reconfirmation at least 20 days before the trip or until issued.

5. Budget and reservations expenses

5.1. All TravelTailors travel programs are tailor-made for each client. Do to our specialization we charge a fee of 100Euros per quote. Any quote for additional destinations will charged at 100 Euros as well. This fee which will be fully removed from the final value of your trip if you proceed with a reservation.
5.2. 5.2. The customer may request a revision to one of the proposals at no cost. From the second revision onwards, TravelTailors will charge 50 Euros for each, which will, also, be fully deducted when the reservation is confirmed.
5.3. For each flight booking, the following amount will be charged: 50 Euros.
5.4. A fee for any change will be applied (names, dates, type of apartment or room, travel. Etc.): 50 Euros. Please note that changes related to air tickets already issued, have specific fees and conditions that must be checked at the moment with the airline. We stress that acceptance of such changes depends on the respective suppliers conditions.
5.5. Upon reservation of services, the client takes on the obligation to recognized and accept the present general terms and conditions, as well as any particular conditions associated to the program, and declare that he/she (other participants inclusive) is in healthy condition to make the requested travel
5.6. If the travel program purchased through TravelTailors occurs in countries with structures, organization, cultures and mentalities very different from Portugal or Europe. Upon reservation confirmation, the client must be aware of these cultural differences, physical risks and requirements and accept them. If you have any questions, inform yourself about the country you want to discover, and / or contact us.

6. Documentation

6.1. The client shall have all personal or family documentation up to date (ID card, military documentation, authorization for minors, visa, vaccine card and/or any documents possibly required for the intended trip). TravelTailors declines any responsibility for the refusal of concession of Visa or denial of permission of entrance of the client in a foreign country; in which case any cost that such situation might cause shall be the sole responsibility of the client.

Trips within the European Union:

The clients (regardless of age) who travel within the European Union must be in possession of the respective civil identification document (passport, ID, citizen’s card);

To obtain medical care the clients must be carriers of their European Health Insurance Card;

The nationals of non-European Union countries should consult specific information about the necessary travel documentation with the embassies / consulates of the countries of origin;

Trips outside of the European Union:

The clients (regardless of age) who travel outside of the European Union must be in possession of the respective civil identification document (passport) and visa if necessary (obtain this information from the agency at the time of booking);

We emphasize that in case of flights transiting through the United States and other countries requiring authorization or entry visa, before the final destination, even if only in transit, inbound formalities will be required, and visa may be necessary.

Nationals of non-European Union countries should consult specific information about the necessary travel documentation on the embassies / consulates of the countries of origin.

6.2. On all bookings to the United Sates, Dominican Republic, South Africa, United Kingdom and destinations operated by TAAG and TAP, among others, the inclusion of data of passenger’s identification documents (passport or citizen card) is mandatory.
6.3. The client gives express consent for transmission of all information supplied regarding his journey (including personal details), to the governmental authorities for border control and for security purposes in all transatlantic flights.
6.4. The information provided by TravelTailors about the formalities of entrance in the different countries apply to the citizens of Portuguese nationality, hence, the citizens of other nationalities should inquire beforehand their applicable conditions.

7. Price alteration

7.1. The prices of the travel programs organized by TravelTailors are based on the cost of services and exchange rates prevailing at the date of publication and are therefore subject to change resulting from variations in the cost of transport or fuel, duties, taxes, fees and currency fluctuations up to 20 days prior to the travel date.
7.2. TravelTailors may, as provided for by the law, change the price indicated in the program after its initial publication and within 20 days of the departure date, when variations of this nature occur and have an impact on the final price.

8. Renunciation

8.1. The client or any of his companions is free to withdraw or cancel the trip at any time. Any cancellation must be in writing and implies that the customer is responsible for the payment of all charges associated with it, depending on the policies of the hotels, airlines and local operators and the length of time between the withdrawal date and the departure date.
8.2. The client will also have to pay the cancellation fee of part of the service price, up to 15%.
8.3. When it is appropriate, the client will be refunded the difference between the amount paid and the calculated cancelation charges.

9. Travel Documentation

9.1. All the travel documentation will be delivered to the client after payment of the total amount of the trip. The client will be able to collect it in our office, or if this is not possible, the documentation will be delivered by a special delivery. Depending on the type of documentation, it may also be sent by electronic mail.
Sending the documentation by electronic mail makes the client responsible for providing a valid email account.

10. Changes

10.1. Should the trip suppliers concerned allow, whenever a customer, enrolled for a particular journey, wants to make any changes to the reservation, he/she must pay the related expenses. However, when the change takes place 21 days or less prior to the departure date, or if the service providers do not accept the changes, the client is subject to the planned expenses and charges under “Renunciation”.
10.2. Should the customer wish to change their reservation to another departure date for the same trip, he/she shall inform TravelTailors in writing and pay a 50 Euro fee. When: (i) the change takes place within 90 days of the starting date of the trip, (ii) or if the service providers do not accept the amendment shall be subject to the fees and charges provided for in point 7.
10.3. If the change of the services contracted for reasons not attributable to the agency is requested after the beginning of the trip, the prices of the services may not correspond to those published in the program that led to the travel contract.

11. Reservation Name Change

11.1. The client may assign his/her reservation and be replaced by another person that satisfies all the conditions required for the trip by giving notice to TravelTailors at least seven days in advance, and that such assignment is possible in terms of air transport regulations applicable. In case of cruises and air travels the time limit shall be fifteen days in advance.
11.2. The assignment of registration holds responsible both assignor and assignee for the payment of the price of the trip and the originating additional charges.

12. Alterations

12.1. Whenever there are reasons that justify it, the organizing agency may change the order of routes, change the departure times or substitute any of the hotels provided by others of the same category and in the same location, and TravelTailors will inform the customer of such changes as soon as the information is available.

13. Program Cancellations by the Agency

13.1. When the trip is dependent on a minimum number of participants the Agency has the right to cancel the trip if the number of participants reached is less than the minimum. In these cases, the customer will be informed in writing of the cancellation within the time specified by the supplier, as indicated in the specific conditions of the travel program.
13.2. TravelTailors declines any responsibility of services booked by the client on his/her own (including a flight to the desired destination/ origin, hotel, transfer, excursions, etc.) before obtaining confirmation from the agency as to the minimum number of participants.

14. Refunds

14.1. After the initiation of the trip no reimbursements will be done for services not used by client’s choice. If a contracted service is not done for reasons not attributable to the client, the client is entitled to a reimbursement of the difference between the price of the contracted services and the price of the ones effectively provided.

15. Compliance Impossibility

15.1. If for reasons not attributable to TravelTailors, should it be impossible to fulfill any essential obligation included in the contracted program, the client will be entitled to cancel the trip and to be immediately reimbursed of all the amounts paid without any penalty or fee, or, in alternative, to accept an alteration and eventual variation of price.
15.2. If the above mentioned reasons, not attributable to TravelTailors, determine the actual cancelation of the trip, the client may also opt to participate in a different trip of equivalent price. In case this proposed substitute trip has a lower price, the client will be reimbursed of the respective difference.

16. Complaints

16.1. Only claims presented in writing to TravelTailors no later than 30 days after the last day of the trip will be eligible for consideration. These claims must have been previously presented to the local service provider (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the course of the journey or stay, and the documents that may constitute evidence of the occurrence must have been requested.
In case of a claim for breach of the contracted services the customer may request a refund to the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund provided under the legislation in force, and to do so put forward their complaints to the Portuguese Tourism Bureau within 30 days after: (i) the term of the journey; (ii) the cancellation of the trip, attributable to the agency; (iii) the date of knowledge of the impossibility of its realization for reasons attributable to the agency; (iv) the closure of the establishment.

17. Provedor do Cliente

17.1. At Law Decree.º 144/2015 8 September, we inform that for any complain the client can participate to the next entities:

Entidades de Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de Consumo:Provedor do Cliente das Agências de Viagens e Turismo;Comissão Arbitral do Turismo de Portugal; or Direção Geral do Consumidor that we suggest to consult.
17.2. TravelTailors adhered to “Provedor do Cliente das Agências de Viagens”. In order to be able to use this service, the client must present his/her claim up to 20 days after the term of the trip. The claim must be presented in writing and sent to the following address: Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 170, 1º, 1169-120 Lisbon, or by electronic mail to provedor@provedorapavt.com . The agencies are bound to fulfill the decision issued by such entity.
17.3. The complaints are object of preliminary appreciation, and subject to not being accepted in case of obvious ill intention, clear inconsistency or lack of foundation. The decisions of the “Provedor do Cliente das Agências de Viagens”, will always be communicated in writing to TravelTailors, who will in turn correct the irregular situation, in the maximum period of 30 days after the decision notification.
17.4. All of the litigations emergent of the interpretation or execution of the present agreement will be settled by the Judicial Court of the Jurisdiction of Lisbon. For all the issues not regulated by these General Conditions and by the applicable private conditions, Portuguese Law will apply.

18. Luggage:

18.1. The agency is responsible for luggage under the legal terms.
18.2. The customer is obliged to complain to the provider of the services at the time of removal, damage or destruction of the luggage.
18.3. On international transport, in case of damage to the luggage, the complaint must be made in writing to the carrier immediately after checking the damage and no later than seven days after its delivery. In case it is a mere delay in the delivery of the luggage, the complaint must be made within 21 days from the date of the delivery.
18.4. The submission of such a claim will be essential TravelTailors to request accountability to the provider of the service.

19. Limits

19.1. The agency’s responsibility shall be limited to the maximum amount payable to entities providing services under the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999 on International Air Transport, and the Berne Convention of 1961 on Railway Transport.
With regard to maritime transport, the responsibility of travel agencies to its customers, for the provision of transport services, or housing, where appropriate, by shipping companies, in case of damage resulting from willful misconduct or negligence, will have the following amount limits:
a) € 441.436, in case of death or personal injury;
b) € 7.881, in case of total or partial loss of luggage or its damage;
c) € 31.424, in the event of vehicle loss, including the luggage contained inside;
d) € 10.375, in case of loss of luggage, accompanied or not, contained inside a motor vehicle;
e) € 1.097, by damage to luggage as a result of damage to the vehicle.
When existent, the responsibility of the travel agencies for the deterioration, destruction and theft of luggage or other items in tourist accommodation establishments, while the client is staying there, has as limits:
a) € 1.397, global;
b) € 449 per item;
c) The value declared by the client, about the items deposited in the custody of the tourist accommodation establishment.
The responsibility of the agency for any bodily injuries may be contractually limited to the amount corresponding to five times the price of the service sold.

20. Other information

20.1. Arrival and departure times:
The time of arrival and of departure in each city is indicated in the local time of the respective country and according to the schedules of the airline companies upon publication of the programs, therefore subject to alterations. The client shall present him/herself at the airport at the time set by the airline, or, if no schedule has been set, with sufficient time in advance to allow for all the boarding formalities. The client shall always consult the schedule for each printed flight in his/her ticket and reconfirm the return flight with the airline 72 hours in advance.
20.2. Hotels/ apartments:
Apartments: if the accommodation contracted is an apartment it’s the customer’s responsibility to inform the number of people who will occupy the apartment. In the case of presenting more people than prior information, the apartments may refuse the entries.
Hotels: the price shown is per person and is based on double occupancy. Not all hotels have triple rooms being normally placed an extra bed that may not be of the same quality. In rooms equipped with twin or double, triple can be limited to those beds.
The list of hotels and apartments constant on the programs is indicative, as well as its category that respects the local criteria and whose ratings criteria are sometimes different from those used in the country of origin.
20.3. Meals:
Unless otherwise indicated, prices shown for supplements Half Board and Full Board do not include drinks.
Upon arrival to the hotel after 7pm the meal service will be the next days breakfast, on the last day (in exception to late check-out), the last hotel service will be breakfast.
20.4. In and Out Times:
The time of arrival and departure on the first and last days will be provided according to the first and last services. As a rule, without binding, the rooms can be used from 2pm upon arrival day and must be left free by 12 pm of the departure day.
Specific timings may be made by different providers.
20.5. Special conditions for children:
Given the diversity of conditions applied to children (destination and supplier) is recommended to always question the special conditions that are perhaps applied to the trip in question.
20.6. Insurance:
TravelTailors provides a basic travel insurance coverage for all trips to Portugal. The terms of insurance are available on the TravelTailors website, under insurance. You can also request an upgrade to the insurance provided.
Cancelation insurance options are not available.

21. VAT

21.1. The prices mentioned in this program already reflect the Value Added Tax at the current rate (23%).

22. Validity

22.1. These general conditions are valid from January 2017.

23. NOTES:

• If applicable, special conditions will be included in the program for each destination and trip.

• The general conditions may be supplemented by any other specific conditions, if duly agreed by the parties.

• The prices of the programs are based on the average price of currencies used by suppliers, so any relevant derivation of these currencies may involve a review of the trip price, under the terms of the clause “Price change”.

• Due to the constant fuel prices changes, there may be changes to the fuel supplement in the price under the terms of the clause “Price change”.

• The categories of hotels and cruises presented in the programs follow the quality standard of the host country, and they may be changed to another of similar or superior category when, for reasons beyond TravelTailors control, it is not possible to keep or confirm the existing reservation, forcing the agency to inform the client as soon as provided with the information.