let the experience you seek be the reason you go let the experience you seek be the reason you go

Our Commitment

Portugal by TravelTailors, an inbound luxury travel operator, is a project stemming from Paula's experience as a Portuguese and American citizen. We aim to reveal to only a few fortunate travelers the hidden gems of Portugal, either as a destination per se, or combined with other destinations in Europe, North Africa, or the rest of the world. If the unexpected, the unique, the right moment is what your clients are looking for, then Portugal by TravelTailors is your best partner. We provide travelers with bespoke travel experiences, through fully tailor-made travel itineraries.

Portugal is a country filled with history, culture, and tradition. From north to south there are amazing boutique hotels in charming towns waiting to be discovered, breath-taking ocean views, magnificent landscapes, unique architecture, gastronomic delights, and perfume-filled wines… you name it, we have it.

Our high-quality service and immaculate professionalism will provide you with excellent feedback, business growth, and, by no means less important, total peace of mind.

TravelTailors is the first Portuguese agency to specialize in tailor-made travel.
Founded in 2010, TravelTailors is a member of APAVT (The Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies), having been a member of its board from 2012 to 2019.

Our vision is to provide tailor-made dream vacations.

Our mission is to satisfy clients' needs when looking for personalized itineraries and top-quality service - from the time we begin planning, until the end of the trip.


Paula Alves co-founder of TravelTailors, was born in Ponte da Barca, on December 31, 1975 - just in time to toast to the new year. At the age of 2, she moved to the United States, where she traveled whenever possible with her parents and friends. She returned to Portugal, at 18, and graduated in Economics at the University of Coimbra, taking advantage of the study breaks to spend beautiful weekends in our wonderful country.
Professional experiences included Accounting and Quality Management at NetJets Europe.
Nowadays family trips and getaways are a "must". Painter and culinary lover, she knows how to appreciate the colors and flavors of the places explored.
She is Director of Sales and Quality at TravelTailors and is responsible for the incoming market. In addition to her love for Portugal, she elects the USA, Canada, Seychelles, Botswana, Namibia, China and Turkey as other favorites. She loves boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants and good surprises in general. Preparing unique trips that exceed expectations is her greatest pleasure!


Lisete Cardoso co-founder of TravelTailors, is from Lisbon, from the 1975 harvest. Although she loved the fantastic student experience in the city of Coimbra, she did not want to miss the opportunity to study for a year in Scotland. She graduated in Economics and returned to Lisbon, to work as a multinational financial auditor, having become a Certified Public Accountant in 2005.
During 11 years of hard work, travel was the perfect escape ... the cherry she longed for! The world map on the wall of the office was spotted with dots that marked the places she visited on her travels, and half the pleasure was in planning. It was in 2009, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, that she decided that the right time had come to change the executive suits and the financial world for the opportunity to provide happy moments and unique life experiences through travel planning.
She is currently Financial Director and responsible for the outgoing market at TravelTailors. Her favorite destinations are Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Peru. She is an expert in challenges involving complex logistics and undecipherable locations.


Edgar Rodrigues is from Ribatejo, born in 1984 in the city of Vila Franca de Xira. He lived a large part of his life in Lezírias where he gained a taste for traditions, wines, olive oil and rural life. He completed a bachelor's and master's degree in Heritage and Tourism, and worked for several years as an official guide-interpreter throughout the national territory of Portugal. He is part of the TravelTailors team as a Senior Travel Designer.
He belongs to generation Y, that is, he was born in the analogue era and was forced to migrate to the digital world to keep up with developments. Very disciplined in his work, he always gives his very best. Concerned about the environment and social causes, he manages your life under the motto “work-life balance”.
Passionate about Portugal, its history and culture, its people and human contact, he is always looking for new experiences, new challenges, new hotels, new wine estates, hidden places that few know! Never is an itinerary the same as another! Always try to create “magic” in your personalized programs so that customers never forget these simple and unique moments in life, and can come home and say “Portugal is beautiful!”
His favorite hobbies are cooking, blind wine tasting, hiking, playing tennis, snorkeling and family outings.


Alexandra Tormenta was born in Lisbon in the middle of the winter of 1980 and from childhood some of the sweetest and most vivid memories are of the trips she took with her parents from North to South of Portugal. She believes that they sowed curiosity for the discovery of new places.
She started college with a law degree, but with a successful change graduated in Tourism Management. She loves the beach (mostly deserted) and exploring the Costa Vicentina and the Algarve from the ground up. Culinary experiences and a good book are two of her favorite hobbies.
The professional experience in the field of Tourism involved preparing experiences and itineraries in distant lands, of which she highlights as unforgettable and "life changing" China and India. She is passionate about the Middle East in general and Turkey in particular. Appreciating the gastronomy and diversity of each country, in recent years at a personal and professional level she has rediscovered Portugal as one of the destinations of choice.
As a consultant and travel designer she works to plan unforgettable holidays, make dreams come true and create lasting memories!


Patrícia Rodrigues was born in 1974, between Christmas and New Year, in Lisbon. She graduated in Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, but her taste for books led her to work in the book market for 20 years.
Travel has always been part of his adult life, first for two and then as the family grew up in programs that included children.
In 2018, she joined the TravelTailors team, swapping books for amazing journeys, helping to prepare and organize the unique experiences provided by the agency. Her trips are always with her family and on the road, which allows her to discover many new things, outside of the tourist routes. Their favorite destination is Portugal and European cities, always with a cultural and a playful component to please adults and children, all planned in great detail so that everyone can make the most of it.


Laura Filipe is from Lisbon, like Paula, was born on the last day of the year, but in 1993. With a degree in Communication Sciences, she was challenged to be part of the world of tourism and never looked back. However, the communication "bug" never abandoned her and, therefore, in 2019 she finished her Master in Social Communication - with a thesis that combined Communication with Tourism. She is passionate about cats, theater and cinema, and gets lost in a good book. She is also taking his first steps in photography and loves to walk with the camera in hand and record the most important moments and the most special places. She already knows a good part of Europe, and in 2016 made her first long-distance trip to Indonesia. In the meantime, she has already visited Morocco, made a road trip through Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) And, in 2019, realized the long-awaited dream of visiting Japan. She still wants to explore the charms of South America and see the wildlife in its pure state on safari. in Africa. Her imagination flies to the dream locations of the itineraries she prepares and spares no effort to make travelers feel satisfied.

Our Values

Good Practices

we act with integrity, honesty and respect for our customers, colleagues and partners


we make every attempt to work with service providers that respect and work to enhance their local communities through educational, environmental, social and cultural initiatives. We are also committed to minimizing the environmental and social impact of all of our personal and professional activities


we are committed to all stages of our job so that TravelTailors can succeed and grow


we provide you with top quality service. We work to ensure safety and customer satisfaction throughout the entire trip planning process


we pride ourselves on being active listeners. We work tirelessly with all third party providers to create win-win situations for our clients

Positive Communication

we transmit joy, kindness and trust in our conversations. This allows us to solve problems quickly and without any hassle for our customers


we are consistent in our actions, so that our customers and partners know what they can expect when they are dealing with us


we are extremely grateful that we are able to work at a job that we feel truly passionate about. We celebrate our successes, and the successes of those around us

Luxury Travel Consortiums and Memberships

Proving our top-quality services and dedication, TravelTailors has recently been selected to attend very exclusive and "by invitation only" Travel Events such as Pure Life Experiences, Limited Edition Miami and Emotions Travel Community.

Emotions Travel Community

Shifting away from the traditional concept of ostentation-based luxury. The top trend in hospitality today is one-of-a-kind, intimate experiences that prioritize simplicity, inspiration and emotions. This new concept of modern luxury is the primary focus of Emotions. The demand for "handcrafted" gastronomy, experiences, culture and outdoor activities, is growing rapidly.

Hygge means the celebration of simplicity, the worship of small details, the pursuit of everyday happiness. Emotions embraces hygge and all it represents, in order to bring together the happiest event in the travel industry.