let the experience you seek be the reason you go let the experience you seek be the reason you go

Who We Are

TravelTailors is the first Portuguese agency to specialize in tailor-made travel.

Founded in 2010, TravelTailors is a member of APAVT (The Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies), having been a member of its board from 2012 to 2017.


Our vision is to provide you with tailor-made dream vacations.


Our mission is to satisfy your needs if you are looking for personalized itineraries and top quality service - from the time we begin planning your vacation, until the end of your trip.


Portugal by TravelTailors is a project stemming from Paula's experience as a Portuguese and American citizen.

Having lived 18 years in the USA and travelled to Canada, Paula knows exactly what a North American person likes and needs when traveling outside home.

Paula knows how rigorous and demanding one has to be to provide excellent experiences to her travellers.

Therefore, she makes of Portugal by TravelTailors an agency that meets deadlines and exceeds expectations.


And what greater comfort than talking and being received in Portugal by who speaks your own language?


In her work as TravelTailors´ Director of Sales and Quality Assurance, Paula is backed-up by her partners Lisete and Raquel. The three have known each other for nearly 20 years.


Their backgrounds are in economics, communication and sociology. For more than 12 years, they have worked in finance, accounting, quality management, marketing, and marketing research.


This team is eager to prepare your trip to Portugal and will welcome you warmly

Our Commitment

We prepare complete itineraries and ensure high quality services in Portugal.

You will enjoy memorable experiences in beautiful Portugal, a quaint country with a great deal to offer. You will experience breathtaking ocean views, magnificent landscapes, unique architecture, gastronomic delights, and perfume-filled wines…you name it, we have it!


If you wish to travel outside of Portugal during your visit, we can handle everything. We are a worldwide, tailor-made travel agency, which works with experienced, local tour providers all over the world.

Whatever your desire, the solution will always be: a TravelTailors tailor-made vacation!


Our Values:

Good Practices: we act with integrity, honesty and respect for our customers, colleagues and partners.


Sustainability: we make every attempt to work with service providers that respect and work to enhance their local communities through educational, environmental, social and cultural initiatives. We are also committed to minimizing the environmental and social impact of all of our personal and professional activities.


Dedication: we are committed to all stages of our job so that TravelTailors can succeed and grow.


Reliability: we provide you with top quality service. We work to ensure safety and customer satisfaction throughout the entire trip planning process.


Empathy: we pride ourselves on being active listeners. We work tirelessly with all third party providers to create win-win situations for our clients.


Positive Communication: we transmit joy, kindness and trust in our conversations. This allows us to solve problems quickly and without any hassle for our customers.


Consistency: we are consistent in our actions, so that our customers and partners know what they can expect when they are dealing with us.


Gratitude: we are extremely grateful that we are able to work at a job that we feel truly passionate about. We celebrate our successes, and the successes of those around us.

Countries we have traveled to: