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Upon arrival in Funchal, you will be greeted by our Driver. Relax and let our professional driver take you to your hotel in the city.

Funchal will be your home for the next few days! From the capital of the Archipelago of Madeira, you will get to know most of the main Island.  The first image of Funchal, that crosses our mind, is a varied color pallet: from the blue sky, the bluish green sea, the green mountain, and the multicolored flowers!

After checking in at your hotel the outdoor atmosphere will immediately invite you to go for a stroll! At you own pace enjoy the afternoon and the tropical weather. It´s totally up to you but, we have good suggestions!

One of the great examples of this richness is the “Jardim Botânico” (Botanical Gardens), with more than 2000 plants. The microclimate of Madeira favors an extraordinary endemic flora and optimum conditions for the development of plants from almost the entire world. In a 25 min drive from Funchal, a taxi will leave you at the door, although the most exciting way to get up there is to take the Cable Car of Funchal and then the Cable Car of the Botanic Gardens! Enjoy the view of the bay!

Located in the western part of the city, the Lido Promenade is a seafront promenade linking the Lido area with Praia Formosa, which offers ample views of the Atlantic Ocean. From the promenade it is possible to access the bathing complexes of Lido, Ponta Gorda, Clube Naval, or Poças do Governador or Praia Formosa.

And what about a small boat trip at sunset?! The color palate will gain other shades and the city will be entirely framed by the mountain behind it, for a perfect view from the sea and the “Garden City” (as Funchal is also known).

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Full-day Tour Funchal with private guide

After your breakfast your private driver and professional guide will take you on a day trip with fun and tasty activities!

The day starts with a visit to the Monte (Mount). Monte is a parish of Funchal and, as the name implies, it´s on the top of the mountain! Overlooking the central core of Funchal, 550 meters above sea level, Monte has a lush vegetation, being an unmissable place to walk!

The beauty of the natural landscape, such as the fantastic “Jardins Tropicais” (Tropical Gardens), is completed with the material heritage:  the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Monte (Church of Our Lady of the Mountain) rises at the top of the staircase, along with many chapels and hermitages, such as Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Nossa Senhora do Desterro, or the Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

If you go up the mountain… you will have to come down! A fun and typical way to do it is in a basket, which is also a cart!! To complete your visit to Monte, go down to the center of Funchal in the typical “Carros de Cesto” (Basket Carts) or “Tobogãs”. The baskets are maneuvered by two men, called "carreiros", who make them slide, with the help of ropes for the maneuvers, by the very inclined sidewalk of the old road that connected the Monte to the center of Funchal, using their own boots as brakes, for 2km! Have a laugh!

The historic center of Funchal is an area of picturesque streets, with handcraft shops, restaurants, and monuments with a singular history, that reflects the way of living and the culture of the insular city. Your guide will show you every corner and tell you all about it! “Mercado dos Lavradores” (Farmers Market) it´s a compulsory stop in your visit since it gathers the best examples of the local products! Strolling along the market you will see large panels of tiles and a panoply of local fresh food, gathering colors and smells that captivate those who enter! Very close to the Farmers' Market you will find Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, one of the most important arteries of the city center, with a lively trade and a diversified offer.

In the afternoon you will visit one of the centenaries Caves do Vinho da Madeira (Madeira Wine Lodges). This private visit will introduce you to the complete history and stories of the Vinho da Madeira (Madeira Wine): from the Cooperage, to the transformation of grapes into wine and, of course, a tasting of this amber to gold wine with a bouquet of vanilla, caramel, figs, cinnamon…irresistible!

Now that your full day tour is complete, pick a restaurant and try one of the most amazing dishes of the Madeira gastronomy. “Lapas” (Limpets) are a very popular delicacy from Madeira. Served as a starter in its most natural form, the limpets (black or white) are presented in a frying pan with butter and garlic and seasoned with lemon juice. Simply delicious!

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Start the day with a reinforced breakfast! Today you will go hiking to the Levada of “25 Fontes” (25 Fountains).

Levada das 25 Fontes

"Levada" is a Portuguese word derived from the word "levar" - which means to carry and is roughly translated as "carriageway", more correctly defined as mini-canal, used as an irrigation system. The network of water channels, built by man from the beginning of the settlement of Madeira, runs through the beautiful Laurissilva Forest, classified as a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Crossing the mountains for a total distance of 2500 km, Levadas date back from the early 16th century. The route takes around 3 hours and it’s an enchanted place where several small waterfalls form a lagoon where you can jump in the water! Bring your bathing suit!

The absolute pure and fresh air, and the fantastic scenery are an invitation for a pic-nic! Enjoy this moment to connect with nature!

Visit Cabo Girão and Curral das Freiras

 After the morning's refreshing hike you will continue to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The splendor of Nature is revealed in different ways. The magnificence of Cabo Girão has a profound impact in our sense of scale! Cabo Girão viewpoint, located on the highest promontory in Europe at 580 m, offers a vertiginous and panoramic views on the ocean and the municipalities of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal. Walk along the skywalk, a suspended glass platform, and enjoy the views!!

On your way back to Funchal there is still time to visit “Curral das Freiras” (Shelter of the Nuns), a tiny village within the mountains. Isolated until the middle of last century, the village was the refuge of the nuns of the Convent of Santa Clara that escaped from pirates, when the island was attacked. From what we know this is the reason of the name! Surrounded by high volcanic mountains, for long years survived mainly from local agriculture. In addition to the picturesque village, keep your head up to contemplate the beauty of the mountains around you.

The driver will take you back to your hotel!

Enjoy a night out today after dinner. You can try the Casino, the “Café do Teatro”, with a sophisticated atmosphere, or the Scat Funchal jazz Club, with live jazz concerts each month.

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Full-day Tour West of Madeira with private guide

Today you will cross the island just up to the northwest of Madeira, to São Vicente and Porto Moniz. Before reaching  the other side of the island you will stop at the (almost inaccessible by land) tiny village of Fajã dos Padres. 

Fajã dos Padres, is a small tongue of land under the cliff of approximately two hundred and fifty meters in height. Over the ages, it was the summer residence of the Jesuits, and an elected place to produce the famous Madeira wine. But there are no roads there… which means that you must use the panoramic elevator to go down! It's a four-minute ride down the slope of the huge cliff. Once you reach the village you will find a lovely beach, a garden and orchard with plants from Madeira, and a restaurant where you can have a coffee and enjoy the view of the sea.

Heading up north you will discover São Vicente, within the Laurissilva Forest, meaning a type of subtropical rainforest region. It has greater expression in the highlands of the island of Madeira and, because of its diversity of fauna and flora and its impeccable state of conservation, the Forest was considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999, occupying an area of about 15,000 hectares. One of the most representative symbols of the picturesque parish of São Vicente is the small chapel built inside a basalt rock. São Vicente is encrusted in volcanic mountains which formed caves of volcanic origin that vary between 5 and 6 meters in height. The visit to the São Vicente Caves is your next great experience that will take you inside the earth! For 30 min, the visit, guided by a specialist, will take you through a mysterious path highlighting the beauty of the rocks and the spectacular water mirror that is above the Center of Volcanic formations, where you will finish the visit.

You will continue to Porto Moniz, the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing swim in the natural salt water pools, formed of volcanic rocks where the sea flows in naturally! The greenish blue water is framed within dark Vulcanic rocks, making this a gorgeous and completely natural spot to energize! You can also visit the Aquarium and take a walk along the coastline!

Relax and enjoy the ride back to your hotel.

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Full-day trip East of Madeira with a private guide

Today you will discover the East part of the Island. Madeira has so much to offer that TravelTailors prepared a day that enables you to experience nature, sport, gastronomy and animal life, all in the same day!

After your breakfast put on comfortable shoes, you will climb the mountain up to Pico do Arieiro! The route to Pico do Arieiro is done by road, between majestic mountains, which facilitates the access! At the top you will be able to enjoy the panoramic viewpoint, located at 1818 meters altitude, with stunning views over the central part of Madeira Island. Going up the mountain is already a great achievement for this morning! Your driver will pick you up right at the top!

Ribeiro Frio is your next stop for an exciting and original activity! Back to the Laurissilva forest, you will find Ribeiro Frio Forest Park, where you can observe some flora and endemic vegetation, with beautiful gardens, and the Ribeiro Frio Aquaculture Station, with its “arco-íris” (rainbow) trout nurseries (Oncorhynchus mykissWalbaum) aimed at the production of trout to replenish the water lines of Madeira. The observation of this nursery, with the trout “jumping” in the water, is a fun and interesting experience! 

A little bit further north is Santana. The small village is the home of the typical houses of the Island of Madeira, with a triangular form and with thatched roofs. In 2011, the municipality of Santana received the distinction of "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO, recognizing the richness of an ecosystem that seeks to reconcile biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. TravelTailors planned a tasteful and fun activity for you: a Poncha workshop! Poncha is a traditional alcoholic beverage from Madeira, with varied range of flavors (such as tangerine and passion fruit) that delight all those who taste it. The regional poncha is made with lemon and orange juice, honey and brandy. Is never too much to remind you that Madeira has delicious tropical fruit and pure cane sugar!

If you are more of an adventurous person, with a passion for horses we have planned a completely different experience for you! Instead of preparing spirits, you can choose to ride a horse in this magnificent scenery!

Return to the hotel! We hope you had an amazing day! Free time for dinner.

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A Free Day to enjoy Funchal at your own pace

These past few days were intense and full of excitement! This last full day on the island will be calm and relaxing, enjoying your hotel or a stroll in the city center.

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After breakfast and check-out, a private transfer will bring you to the airport.

We hope you enjoyed this journey through the exuberant nature of Madeira Island!

Walking Cultural Nature Self-Drive

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