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Porto is a charming town, situated on the slopes of the Douro River and very near to its mouth. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its beautiful monuments and historic buildings such as the imposing Cathedral or the Tower of Clerics. Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and has superb views over the river.

The city provides a harmonious synthesis of ancient and contemporary attractions. Perched on hill tops and clinging to cliffs, the Douro River has been guarded by its attractive buildings, bridges and lamps for centuries. Fiercely proud of their heritage, the citizens of this merchant town have invested their blood and sweat on their commerce and wine. Nightclubs and restaurants mingle with cathedrals, churches and museums in narrow alleys and broad avenues. There are many cafes around the city, where you can relax after climbing the many hills of Porto. Porto is very compact, which makes it great to explore by foot, as long as you don't mind making an effort going uphill.

Visit to a Port Wine Cellar

Port Wine is a world famous fortified wine, produced exclusively from grapes grown in the Douro Wine Region, about 100 km east of Porto. The wine took the name of Porto, but its cellars are actually located on the opposite bank of the Douro River, in Gaia. The cellars are long cool, dark warehouses, their thick granite walls and high ceilings helping to keep out the heat and maintain an even temperature throughout the year. Your cellar visit includes tastings different varieties of this delicious wine.

Drive to Bragança.

Bragança is the capital of the Trás-os-Montes region, in the northeast of Portugal. Fairly unexplored by tourism, this remote and mountainous area offers unique sights, historical villages, natural landscapes and an extremely rich gastronomy. Bragança is located at the tip of Montesinho Natural Park, one of Europe’s wildest woodlands, with a wide diversity of fauna and flora.

Bragança was born in the 12th century and the medieval centre still remains quite untouched; it is characterized by the imposing Castle, the Pelourinho (Pillory) resting on an unusual Lusitanian “berrão” (pre-historic granite pig), the Church of Santa Maria (Saint Mary) and the Domus Municipalis, a unique piece of architecture.

After king Manuel granted the New Charter in 1514, the city's development was largely due to the bishops who would reside here for half of the year. The royal and Episcopal influences characterising those times are reflected in the Church of São Vicente (St. Vincent), the Museum of Abade Baçal, the Chapel of Misericórdia, the Church of Santa Clara (Saint Claire) and finally in the Cathedral. Complete the visit with the nearby Church of Castro de Avelãs, or a walk through Montesinho Natural Park, where there are still commune style villages that form part of the region´s heritage.

Enjoy the evening at your own pace.

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Take a relaxing morning and enjoy the natural sites. You will be able to see the blossoming almond trees, throughout all of the northeast of Trás-os-Montes and High Douro. In shades of white and pink, these trees give the landscape an unforgettable charm.

Drive to Podence.

Podence stands along the bay of Azibo. This is a place of choice for bird watchers, because you can spot a great diversity of species, many of which find here the ideal habitat for a season or the entire year. Travel through the Trails of Azibo, a network of marked cycle and footpaths, with signs identifying the fauna and flora. Also enjoy the archaeological remains of Pre-History to Roman times, and admire the colorful folklore and craftworks, namely the “Caretos”, colorful disguises with which the inhabitants of Podence celebrate Carnival.

Traditional Carnival of Podence (Caretos).

There's no Carnival without mischief. In Podence, a village in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros you will enjoy a very traditional and unique experience. In the great days of the festival, Fat Sunday and Carnival Tuesday, the Caretos would only stop to drink or to arrange another assault on the Chapel´s Square, the small village square where the locals and a handful of curious outsiders gather to watch the ritual. The Caretos represent evil and mysterious images that every year, will show themselves during the Carnival festivities. Interrupting the long silences of each winter, as if secretly and unpredictably coming out of the nooks and corners of Podence, emerge the Caretos hissing, rattling.

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Drive to Foz Côa.

The region of the Côa Valley is internationally recognized for its importance in pre-historical rock art, which in 1998 was assessed by UNESCO as World Heritage. This distinctive classification led to the creation of the Archeological Park of the Côa Valley and the Côa Museum.

A preliminary visit to the Museum helps understand the carvings that we shall see. Millennium after millennium, the shale rocks that surround the bed of the River Côa slowly became panels of art, with thousands of engravings bequeathed by our ancestors' creative impulse. Dating back to the Later Paleolithic, these outdoor panels and identified habitats are proof of the settlement, vitality and a mastery of design, transposing two thousand years of History from the Neolithic and Iron Age. The three available sites to visit are located in the valley of the river Côa, accessible only by jeep. The visits start from different places: from the Côa Museum to Canada do Inferno, from the Reception Center in the village of Castelo Melhor to Penascosa, from the Reception Centre in the village of Muxagata to Ribeira de Pisco. The route must be chosen and booked well in advance!

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This morning you will visit a vineyard and enjoy some wine tasting in the home region of some of the most famous wines in the world, at one of the finest local properties, which reflects the landscape´s character and the true spirit of the valley. Enjoy the aromas and knowledge that man kept through generations.

Continue to Lazarim.  

The Carnival of Lazarim in the municipality of Lamego, is undoubtedly one of the most genuine Portuguese carnivals, keeping alive ancient traditions that have survived over time. Stern wooden masks, carved by artisans in the village, are used during carnival by men and women, the Caretos and little ladies. A contest is held in the Town square and a reading done by a young girl and boy takes place, with the reactions of the crowd adding to the festivities.

Continue to Porto.

Enjoy the night out in Porto, with a very trendy atmosphere and great bars. The street of Galeria de Paris is full of great options, including Casa do Livro, and nearby you can find Plano B, and stores like Mezzanine or Take Me.

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Today you can enjoy free time, before returning home.

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